How to Cash in Gcash through 711

Do you struggle with how to make payment for your bills? It’s given that most people find it hard to provide payment for these bills. If you are into sales and business and have been struggling with how to close more sales, I have attended a seminar on how to deal with these and I heard they will be offering online services soon.  But this post focuses on how to cash in GCASH so you can make payments for bills through GCASH. I still know a lot of people who do not take advantage of GCASH yet. Being based in Cagayan de Oro, our bills consist of our basic utilities such as electricity through CEPALCO and water through COWD, telecommunications such as Globe and PLDT. I have not paid PLDT through GCASH yet since I enrolled it as my biller through my credit card. Upon checking, PLDT yields 3 names (PLDT DSL, PLDT Landline, PLDT Ultera) in their system, so it is best to verify it with PLDT.

A convenience I like in having GCASH is you can cash in it through any 711 stores. I used to make payments through BPI online since they used not to charge any transaction fee but since they changed last July 2019 with the fees, I find it more convenient to use GCASH instead. What’s even more amazing is, I can transfer funds to my BPI account and to my Gcash (yes, vice versa). I remembered I enrolled in having online banking. It was required of me to fill up some forms in BPI. Then I followed some steps from Gcash too. My memory is already vague about this but I can be certain there are resources you can find online about this.

I have some local clients that I deal with and there were some adjustments we made like instead of meeting each other for the report, we opted to have it online and also have payments transferred online. Some of them are not that techie enough that they do not engage in online banking. So with the feature of being able to cash in through 711, this post is for them.

When you go to 711 Stores, look for this atm-like machine or the CLiQQ kiosk, only that, you do not put in any money to it. All you have to do is just to key in your details and wait for the printout and hand it over to the cashier. Check out these steps in cashing in GCASH through 711 stores:


Step 1 – Look for E-Money, that is where you can see Load Globe Gcash


Step 2 – Tap Gcash
Step 3 – Tap GCASH CASH IN
Step 4 – input your details like Mobile Number and the Amount and click on Next
Sept 5 – Double check if your details are correct, then click Next. Otherwise, click back and repeat the last step.
Step 6 – Click on Print

Step 7 – Bring the printed slip and give the payment to the cashier.

And that’s it. As soon as you pay the cashier, wait for a few minutes and you will be notified that your GCASH has already funded in.

Added information, you can only cash in up to 4,900 in your GCASH account. This means, if you want to cash in 6,000, just split it twice like cash in 3,000 twice. Or, cash in 3,100 and then 2,900 the second time.




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