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Are you struggling with sales? Check out attending Advanced Sales Training (AST) conducted by Elevate Results Training and Consulting. They often come here in Cagayan de Oro. Their first visit here was April 24, 2019. A month after,  May 27, 2019, they returned and conducted the Advanced Sales Training. I am privileged to have attended the said training at Dynasty Court Hotel, Cagayan de Oro. Elvenril Camus is the founder of Elevate Results Training and Consulting. His niche is training and coaching sales and business professionals from different fields and positions such as financial advisors, real estate brokers and agents, network marketers or in the multilevel marketing companies, any companies or individuals that offer products or services to customers or clients. His aim is to teach different styles and strategies in achieving desired results in sales and growing the business.

A background of the CEO

I personally know Elvenril Camus as he is my cousin. I witnessed his early struggles of not being able to attend to school consecutively. But through his dedication and determination, he was able to finish it. Early on, I know he is very artistic. I am grateful for his talents that I got him to do some decorations for my debut. I too am not that privileged to hire party coordinators but I was that one of the teenage girls who wanted a grand debut but my parents could not afford to celebrate it in a hotel. So I held my debut in our garage which I personally planned the program. Looking back, I may not have the grandest party but it surely drew crowd from my neighbors as I get to invite bands to play since I was a wannabe bandmate (LOL). But I loved that party and it would not have been possible without the efforts of my relatives especially on the catering and of course Elven’s artistic skills.

He has done mural paintings at a local beach resort and he would gladly tell us that he made that especially when we have relatives’ outings to the beach. Would you also believe that he tried to be a magician? Yes, he tried entertaining us with his magic tricks during family gatherings and all of us were entertained. I can say that he is a Jack of All trades. His skills helped him raised funds for his education and even when he was already working. When he was an employee at a hotel where he started as a room attendant then eventually got promoted as a front desk officer, he was making extra cash from selling goods to his workmates such as chocolate drink, coffee, biscuits, instant cereals, etc. He was able to make ends meet as he needed to. Elven excels in whatever he is tasked to do that he gets to be one of the representatives of their school to Cagayan de Oro’s Kumbira. His team was able to bag some place in the competition.

Rising through the Struggles

Upper Left - Elven as room attendant,
Upper Right - Elven as a front desk officer
Lower Left - Elven with relatives after sharing Money Management
Lower Right - Elven as a business/sales trainer
Upper Left – Elven as room attendant,
Upper Right – Elven as a front desk officer
Lower Left – Elven with relatives after sharing Money Management
Lower Right – Elven as a business/sales trainer

With this background, it can be told or not hard to believe that he would rise from poverty.  His personality can be noticed that he was tapped by their hotel guest to join their immigration consulting firm which is based in Cebu but frequently gives seminars in different cities in the Philippines including Cagayan de Oro. After 5 years of working in the hotel being a room attendant and front desk officer combined, he welcomed this new chapter of his life and went to Cebu. When he got the job at the firm, he started as a front desk officer and realized that he was not growing. He wanted to aspire for more that after 8 months as a front desk officer he applied to be a Immigration Specialist or Salesperson . He was inspired to help professionals achieve their migration goals. But it was not a success journey on the first 5 months. He was a struggling salesman and wanted to give up. After talking to his boss who was his mentor, he was inspired by being told he can be a top producer some day. So Elven attended series of trainings. He was conducting orientation locally and internationally. Applying the techniques he learned, he has set and broken records for the company and was awarded as Employee of the year four years consecutively. I remember one time he was invited by his school to give a speech for their graduates. 

Then I just noticed Elven going out of the country conducting migration orientations. Then I just found out that he resigned and attended series of trainings locally and internationally. He was so generous that he shared what he knew and presented to us (his relatives) the Money Management through the Proven Jar System, which my husband and I still use to this day as our way of budgeting. Elven is gifted as being eloquent in speaking and able to touch other people’s lives by sharing what he knows. I would just find out that everytime he comes to Cagayan de Oro, he would meet some of his peers and would coach them some selling techniques and share some life lessons and motivations. This I think gives the rise of Elevate Results Training and Consulting because he is so effective in sharing his knowledge. It gave him the venue to let the people know that his services may be available.

Why train with Elevate Results Training and Consulting?

Check out their Facebook Reviews and you would know that they have already helped a lot of people achieve their desired results. The learnings that I gained from the training helped me draft my proposals and applications to different online job platforms. One time I was able to apply it and avoided the words that I usually composed, and I was not my usual self of chasing the clients. I make it appear that they need my services. I have an Upwork profile and even up to now I do not make the most of it because I don’t get to have a job through that platform but with some techniques that I applied to, I received some reply through the proposals I sent. Anyone who works online is familiar how hard it is to be on this platform especially for those who are still starting. Although that project did not progress since the client wanted complicated tasks which I was not willing to partake, I was glad that I received a reply on my proposal which rarely happens especially in Upwork. This makes me believe that my proposal was noticeable. Right now, I cannot say I am struggling with my application but I am struggling with the time to do so since I do not have a household helper which I find it difficult to juggle with tending to my toddler’s needs.

I have attended other seminars and some talks. I have experienced getting out and felt like, ‘Did I just waste my time?’ or I still did not get anything from that seminar! Sometimes I have the tendency to just nod and agree with the speaker and it seems that I am learning but when I go home, I still cannot discern or process what I just attended. But through the AST program of Elevate Results Training & Consulting, I can say I did not get out empty-handed. They provided me notes that I can review anytime. The challenge lies on the participant on whether they choose to be an action taker or just a passive listener. What is important is one will definitely would not get bored! I am one of those participants who doesn’t like to join in any activities and would prefer to sulk in a corner. But joining this made me get out of my comfort zone and activities are very well-aligned to the topic. This is not so bad at all even for introverts like me for as long as you get something from what you paid for, and not just be contented in listening and taking notes.

If you are into sales, I definitely recommend this training. You will discover strategies how to deal with different clients using strategies in achieving results with sales or close a sale. What is good about them is they conduct training and consulting in the Philippines particularly in Cebu, Manila, Dumaguete, Iloilo, Davao and Cagayan de Oro. Follow their FB page Elevate Results Training and Consulting and check out their schedule! You can also request for a private or exclusive training for your company. Elven also conducts one-on-one coaching offline or online. This July 31, 2019, be an action-taker and own your slot as they will conduct their Advanced Sales Training Batch 32 at Dynasty Court Hotel, Cagayan de Oro. Once you have attended their AST Program, they also have lined up different types of trainings for you to hone and upgrade your skills and art of selling.

If you read until this part of the post, good news! As a fellow Kagay-anon, you will get an early bird at Php1,000.00 per person on its learning investment until July 24, Wednesday only . Just put on the note that you have heard about this through my blog Rhealyzed. This promo is only applicable if you send your deposit details right after you register. Walk-in rate still applies at Php 2,000 per person

What are you waiting for? ACT NOW!

Here is a clip of the interview I made with Elven Camus, the founder of Elevate Results Training and Consulting. Special thanks to Maria Sheila of for editing this video.

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