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It is a common story for every first time mothers to go through some hardships as we welcome additional members to the family — our little ones. We might have prepared ourselves emotionally embracing this precious moment of seeing them for the first time, carrying them in our arms, watch them feed or sleep. But we can never be prepared for the sleepless and tiresome nights brought about having a new tot in the household. Most of us get devastated with all the fussing and crying as their means of communication. Being first-time mothers, most of us are so overwhelmed with this new experience that we do not know what to do. I have known many mothers who have given up breastfeeding because of the lack of information and support.

I am very fortunate to have belonged to a time that support groups are present. Some may not agree with me because some may view it otherwise as to them, they “felt” pressure to be in such groups. I view it as educational and inspirational. If one may not agree with the information being shared on the group, maybe the tribe is not for you. But this tribe do help mothers who are struggling with their breastfeeding journey and one to be successful would have to have an open mind or the willingness to achieve so. It’s not a question on whether you are a better mother or not. The goal is clear to have a successful breastfeeding journey. If breastfeeding is not your option, clearly this is not for you. If you are considering it, go on do your research and weigh your own pros and cons. If you choose to breastfeed, then read on the facts being shared and the stories from other moms who went through to this journey.

Information may be free in support groups, we may be acquainted on what to do. Like for instance, a mother needs a lactation massage. Not everyone in the group is equipped or trained to do so. Hence, I saw the need for the emergence of a Support center that can cater to this kind of needs. I have been blessed being visited by a peer counselor when I had the struggles of letting my baby latch on me. Not every mother has that access. And, thank God for Alima Mother Support Center!

Luckily for Kagay-anons, every struggling breastfeeding mom can have the support she needs. Last June 8, 2019 the Alima Mother Support Center finally opened and they are located in Unit 4B H Building Mastersons Avenue Upper Balulang Cagayan de Oro, Philippines 9000. Their services include different kinds of massages that cater to the needs of a mother such as prenatal, postnatal and lactation massage. They also have a massage suitable for a baby. They also have breastfeeding counseling which I think is vital for every first-time parents and a relactation therapy for those who have babies that preferred to take milk from the bottle rather than from the breast.

So if you know somebody who needs support with breastfeeding, let them join Modern Nanays of Mindanao and Breastfeeding Pinays. Those are the only groups I consider to have been sharing factual information about breastfeeding. And when you need actual services to help you or someone in this journey, reach out to Alima Mother Support Center .

Check out some photos I took during their opening.

their flyers of their services and some of their goodies
they are legit! registered to serve Kagay-anons legally
very cozy, breastfeeding is comfortable
where massage is done! cozy and homey feels
where you can find locally-made products from fellow mothers
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