How FHMoms helped me land my first online job and Celebrating 2nd Anniversary Meet Up at Cagayan de Oro

I never imagined myself socializing with other individuals after becoming a mother. I really thought my world will just revolve around my family or in the office. I have few friends from high school and college, and after college, I still communicate with and maybe meet once a year. After I got married, I got pregnant right away, then my life somehow changed. I really want to be a mother and watch my little one grow closely. And having an online job helps me gear toward that goal.

Last year around May 2018, I came across this group of moms through the Facebook group Filipina Homebased Moms (FHMOMS). As I was browsing their group I found helpful posts on how to land online jobs. I was so interested in acquiring an online job as I aspire to be a work-at-home mom since I have a daughter. I do not want to be away from her. I want to earn at the same time be able to watch her grow.

COOL Program

The group provided helpful tips and strategies on how to land jobs online. On May 2018, they were offering the Collection of Online Learning (COOL) program on promo for Mother’s day, which I quickly grabbed. This program consists of:

– Lifetime access to the training
– Lifetime support from the trainer
– Access to the closed group of Fhmoms Online University
– Group chat access
– Recommendation or Certificate of Employment from Fhmoms (Will only issue upon client request)
– Online Certificate for the training and apprenticeship program (Total of 2 certificates)

I was not disappointed availing this program. Indeed, it helped me land my first job. Anytime, I can just view the training videos. There are ways to help an applicant attract clients based on having a resume, a cover letter, a portfolio, and creating a profile on the different online job platforms. The Facebook group itself is a venue for most of us who wanted to post questions, share our experiences that help other fellow mothers. They also provided free training. But with the paid program, I was forced to enact on different activities, prompting me to create my cover letter, resume, and profile. At the same time, communicating with fellow batchmates. Newbies can really make use of the free resources they provide in the group. It is just a matter of determination, on looking for those resources.  The paid program just helped us make everything readily available.

I am a Virtual Assistant from a UK-based company that runs a store in Amazon. I do product research and as a newbie, I am not aware of my detailed tasks were. But my employer patiently provided me training. This is the task I was praying for—something easy. Thankfully, I got it after two months of sending applications. I set up my profile at I was in a haste applying before that I did not review my notes from the COOL program. But when I did, that was the time that I got successive replies from different clients. I just have not mastered the art of handling more than one, that is why I just only kept one at the moment.


FHMOMS also offers some advanced courses and I was able to enroll Social Media Marketing with the trainer Mommy Janelle from The Swing Journey last October 2018. So far, I had so much fun on this course. It was a struggle for me to take this since I already got myself a fulltime online job. But I believe so much in this course. I am aiming to apply for what I have learned in this course. This is my dream job. I still did not have an idea about it before I took the COOL Program. During the training, I was an apprentice that I got exposed to what a social media manager is tasked to do. It included communicating with a client, curating and scheduling posts, monitoring the posts, and a lot of other tasks. I was privileged enough to explore with the needed tools for Social Media Management. I can say it boosted my confidence to apply for this position. What has been stopping me is I felt so busy with my fulltime job already. But these past few weeks, given that I had the time to write tells an idea that I may have a lot of breaks from my usual job. So, hopefully, one of these days, I can get back on track.

Feel free to browse the group official website FHMOMS. Check out some reviews from  Students Testimonials on their Advanced Courses. Here are the detailed objectives and course outlines of the Advanced Courses. If you feel you need this, avail of their early bird rate Early Bird Rate (until March 3, 2019) – Php 2900; Their Regular Rate (March 4-March 17, 2019) – Php 3000. If you missed these courses and just landed on this post, just join the group and be updated on whatever courses they may offer in the future.

As the group grows, they already have a lot of members from different cities. I live in Cagayan de Oro. But since they offer programs and courses that are offered online, the resources become available. This is what I really like because I can get to review the resources anytime, at my own pace.

2nd Anniversary Meet-Up

On February 23, 2019, The Filipina Homebased Moms celebrated its second-anniversary meetup nationwide. It is a nationwide event that gathered mothers whose common interest in having a home-based job. During this time, our city Cagayan de Oro got involved for the first time and I feel privileged to have been part of this. The founder  Maria Korina Cope (we call her Mommy MK)   was looking for encourager from different cities. Luckily enough,  Mommy Ruby Caberte applied for this position which made it possible for us Kagayanon moms be involved in this event. She then tapped some co-encouragers which I happen to be one of them. This meet up in Cagayan de Oro was held at 1A Express Hotel at around 10am with 17 participants. Other cities were scheduled in the afternoon. It is only our city that got to host this event in the morning as most of us had already prior commitments in the afternoon. It is so fun and uplifting to be surrounded by fellow moms with common goals of being able to nurture the family at the same time earn a living. The meet up served as an introduction to those who are new into the group, exchanging of ideas and inspiring others based on their experiences that work at home is possible. Some freebies were also provided and resource materials were handed from the main group founder. The event was so warm, that even prompted me to speak, although I do not have that personality to do so. With this being posted, I hope other moms would be encouraged to join the group and be updated on what possible training that may come about especially for those who are Cagayan de Oro. It is never too far for us to be involved as long as we keep communicating in the facebook group community and on our exclusive group chat (for CDO members).

Being in the online freelancing world is a venue of different possibilities. There are no assurances. I can’t really say, I can stay here for so long but I really am wishing and praying I can. I hope this is for me. I have one client. Although I am grateful for this, I cannot say how long will our relationship last. I do aim to add more clients but as of this time, I want to stay grounded. I still have not learned to balance my time, having a toddler around. But if I have the chance to look for some added load, I will. I have just to prepare myself that I’d be handling different clients. Maybe I’ll just take some part-time posts. Although making money through freelancing may seem so encouraging, I still have to be reminded why I am doing this in the first place, that is to spend more time with my daughter. Once you get a hold of this, it is tempting to aspire for more.  Handling too many clients may defeat the purpose.

One day at a time, I may soon find my own niche, something I would not feel pressured doing. I like my online job at the moment, actually I am too relaxed, I am not pressured but somehow I feel the need to grow that I want to aspire something else or more. Because I believe that when you love what you’re doing, you do not have to feel like you are working. It is seldom for us to find work that we love.

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