Transitioning into Freelancing

My Education and Volunteerism

I have a degree in Computer Science but I never really excelled in this field. So, I sought for another passion, I pursue studying Professional Education that would enable me to teach, and even added Special Education. I took the bar exam and I am a licensed teacher. I enjoyed taking classes. I availed free classes from the Alternative Learning System. During that time, ALS still offered technical courses and the courses were divided into 2 semesters, I only took Healthcare 1 which oriented us with the practices and theories. Healthcare 2 is more on actual training, which at that time, I was still studying with Prof Ed/Sped. Also, some years ago, I took advantage of some free courses from The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) which is on Cookery.

I was also an active volunteer teacher for underprivileged children with special needs in Agora, Lapasan through Little Angel’s SPED Center. This was founded by my good friend Gene Hans Velez. We go there every Saturday morning and spend time. Most of the teachers already got jobs abroad and some had other commitments. I think we were able to do this for some 2 years. Even up to this point, we still communicate.

I enjoyed doing volunteerism even back in my college days. In our organization Association of College of Engineering Students (ACES), my college was fun-filled because of my involvement in this organization. I started as a student volunteer. Every year, I rose up to some certain positions: Assistant Student Volunteer Head, Formation of Social Involvement Department Head, Vice President). And my favorite part was handling 5 major projects while actively involved in this organization.

My Work Experiences

I was employed as a Computer teacher at the elementary level in one of the schools here in Cagayan de Oro. It was only part-time but they have 2 branches, still, I feel like I was working full time. I am grateful for that experience. But I felt so burnt out. With making of the lesson plans, and kids these days are so different from our time. So, I decided to rest and help with our family business. I am also employed in my partner’s family business. At some point, my sister asked for my assistance when she was about to give birth in Dubai. So, I stayed there for 3 months, to help take care of my niece. I never got to venture working outside of my comfort zone.

Before I got myself into freelancing, I used to do data entry tasks for a friend. My friend has clients and she may have her hands full that she needed to outsource and I was tapped to do some of the SEO-related tasks, such as blog commenting and linkbuilding. The pay was considerable during that time (I think 2008). But I never have the guts to find clients on my own. But even before, I knew that working online is a job that I aspire to do. I like the idea of not reporting to an office but still able to earn some income.

I have a very simple dream way back then. I envisioned myself to be a family woman. But over time, this somehow changed (but not totally). I realized I cannot do so much if I just stay at home. I mean, kudos to all stay at home moms. But economically speaking, I would like to earn something for myself. Or, I would like to add some income for myself, and not just depend on our salaries. Ever since I gave birth, I do not want to be away from my daughter. She is breastfed. So it is expected for us to be together all the time but I want to earn also and I believe that transitioning to be a work at home mom is the answer to my dream career.


I already ventured into selling back in the college days. I would sell RTWs and cosmetics through Avon, Natasha, Ever Bilena, Sundance to name a few. It somehow helped add funds for my “baon”. I also operated an online shop before and even bought a domain and hosting for it, but when Multiply, an e-commerce site stopped, my business also stopped. I used to enjoy their 400pesos minimum requirement for free shipping. I was also able to sell items outside Cagayan de Oro and made use of dropshipping. For now, I still sell some stuffs online on my FB page CanvassShop but most of what I sell are updated on my personal Facebook and posted in the Facebook marketplace.


Then I came across with Filipina Homebased Moms I think sometime in May 2018. Nobody invited me to be in the group. I just discovered them from a post in the Facebook group Healthy Baby Food Ideas Philippines.  They offer some paid courses and free training.

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