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Hi everyone, how has it been? I have been away from writing for two months already! I know I could have written more considering there are a lot of topics that can be discussed on those missed periods such as the holiday, some birthday experiences. Maybe I just do not want to feel obligated to write just for the sake of keeping this blog.

Anyway, I found another experience to share. It took me over two weeks to write because I was sick, I had a lot of catching up with my online job. It was just so timely that I have done my online tasks already and thus prompting me to write right now.

My baby and I were both admitted to a hospital. We caught up with fever and flu. I started first with the fever and the next day, she got it. Her appetite was already affected. It was on a Saturday night that we have decided to rush to the Emergency Room, she also was eating less. It was already my second day of an on-off fever while it was her first. We were advised to get a lab test for a complete blood count (CBC) and urinalysis for my baby. Our results were still ok. I was given medication for my cough and my baby just for her colds, and some drink to take to prevent her from dehydration. We were instructed to have another lab test for a repeat CBC. We had a very bad experience for this with my baby since it took the “nurse/s” (I apologize, I do not know how to address them) 3 attempts to have successful blood samples. Imagine the pain my baby went through!

When I handed our results to the secretary of our pediatrician, she went back to me and asked me to come immediately inside the clinic. I was alone since my husband during that time changed nappy of my baby. Her pediatrician was very worried about my CBC result, I have a very low white blood count (WBC). It was already low with the first result, and it got lower. She advised us to have ourselves admitted. While my baby’s result was still okay though it was leading to a result of having a viral infection. It would be a wise decision to have us admitted so we can always have our CBC checked. The only fear I had was if it would be a dengue case. Her pediatrician said it was very possible of me to have it. I was really scared of the thought of this. I told her that I already had dengue when I was just 7years old and that I was given blood, she then informed me that those were the days, there are already alternative means curing dengue without the need for blood transfusion. But dengue really scares me since I have known some who have lost a life because of this. My husband and baby finally came in the room and have us all agree to have my baby and I be admitted.

A lot of things rushed into my mind. I was thinking of the worst already. I contacted my financial advisor to take care of my papers because my files have not been updated from single to married. Prior to this experience, I went out and met with my friends and one of them shared a story of a seemingly healthy (or fit) individual who succumbed into a coma. He had the flu or was that a fever? The mom advised him not to report to work but he is the type of person who would always want to work and move. His girlfriend convinced him to have a check-up. Upon knowing the results, it was advised he be admitted immediately, but he collapsed and that’s all I know. I apologize if this story is not clear but the idea is there. I was so scared of this idea would happen to me. One should not also disregard simple symptoms of flu or fever. So, better for us to get admitted and to get the utmost care that we need.
The exhaustion that I felt with the process of admission is still fresh on my mind. Being on the waiting list for an available room, becoming the next in line but still not able to secure the slot, because nobody paid yet so most probably they would check out the next day, being forced to look for other hospitals that has an available room—- It was too tiresome, I can recall and the constant worry I had monitoring our tests, I was too scared of the possibility of dengue.

I am grateful with the gift of friends who helped us with this journey especially on helping us find an available room. It was around past midnight that we were transported by an ambulance since I was already on an IV (Intravenous sugar solution, also known as dextrose solution) while my baby was not on IV yet. It was already past 3am that we were able to move into an available room..(we were on the er in the new hospital for so long, that is where my baby got an IV) and that I ate at around 3:20am. We encountered so much stress because of some miscommunication that would have prevented us that I share a room with my daughter. I am just so blessed with our doctors that helped us and allowed us (even insisted) that we must share a room since I am a breastfeeding mama.

My daughter had a systemic viral infection while I am diagnosed with typhoid fever.

As some of you know, I found some career online. The work may not be stressful but the management of it along with my other mama duties was not properly handled. I so want to add another job and apply for other positions but this experience made me pause a bit. Maybe I’ll just choose projects that can easily be handled. I am quite contented with my current work especially with the flexibility of hours although not so much with the rate. Because I was too busy being a career mom at home, I may have forgotten to equip my daughter with some protection; and with my daughter knowing how to kiss on the lips may have been a culprit for the spread of the virus (just my theory, along with other allergens at home and with the rest of us having cough). I was sad before that she would refuse for a kiss but now I understood why it is not hygienic to do so. Still, it is a struggle for us to insist on some of the people in our household to wear a mask if they have a cough.

I am thankful to my financial advisor whom I contacted that I should have my records updated asap and who went to me and have everything organized and just have my signature and also brought some of my request (for toiletries).

I am thankful for the gift of family, for visiting us, giving us financial assistance, providing us with some of our necessities, helping us look after for a very active (though already admitted) toddler.

I am also grateful for my online boss who sent me some payment without requiring me to send an invoice since we did not bring the laptop just to review my logged in time and too understanding enough I take rest.

Thank you to my bestfriend for initiating to visit us. For my friends whom I have been sending messages to, giving us well wishes and giving us suggestions how to increase platelet ( thank goodness, we never resorted to that), to my relatives who have been helping out my parents while we were away.

Thank you to my hubby for tirelessly taking care of us.

So, as a recap, make sure you invest or keep the following:

  1. Life insurance. You do not know what happens, It is best as early as you can, get a plan. Find your own financial advisor whom you can always tap even on emergency situations. (insert memorial plans-those kind of plans are wise investments).
  2. Medical or health insurance (like HMOs). Good thing we have our Philhealth which we used during our hospitalization. I cannot elaborate more on HMOs because we do not have it. But, if we are earning more, it would be wise to get one. So, research first and learn more on their policies and find out the hospitals and doctors they are affiliated with.
  3. Time for yourself. Oftentimes, this is what we take for granted.
  4. Friends and family. Seek help- whether they can only be reached online- Words of encouragement goes a long way.
  5. Health supplements – although not required,   get them only if you believe.

If you are reading this, and you are so tired and stressed, take a rest for a while… it is good to feel motivated, to strive for the best. Just be sure not to enslave yourselves if you do not want this to happen. Sometimes I asked why is this happening to us, what is the meaning of this. This made me realize that life is indeed precious and that we must take care of it.

Most of all, it’s the leap of faith that helped us get through this. Saying a prayer, asking others to pray for us helps a lot. Thank you, Lord.

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