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Hi everyone! It has been a long time since I resumed writing. I used to have a blog back in the early 2000’s. After many years, I did not have any backup of my compositions, and my blog was completely erased. I started with Easyjournal.com, then when they notified that they will be gone, I transferred my composition to my blogspot account. After some several months or maybe years, my blog was deleted with no notification. I do not know what happened. But a friend told me there were others who went through with this. And as he said, it had something to do with the US presidential campaigns. So I do not know how I was affiliated with the US politics or so.

So, with that experience, it made me compose another blog, and the contents were mostly rants and disappointments. My old blog was named aehraiza.blogspot.com. The new blog is named angryaehraiza.blogspot.com. It is still accessible anyway but with no update, and not so important posts. I guess I wanted to try back writing, but I lost interest. I also created a WordPress account and it is still accessible aehraiza.wordpress.com still the same, with nonsense posts.

So, what prompted me to create another blog? Currently, I am taking a Social Media Management and Marketing course online. One of the activities is to create a Facebook page. I read the instruction and set up a page. But when I got to watch the training video, it was indicated that if we are to make a page from a blog, we must have an existing blog. This is so funny! I made the page already without creating this blog first. So, it’s totally my fault. But the good thing is, I can still catch up. I am trying to catch up by composing this at the moment.

I am trying to balance my time. I have a fulltime online job. But this thought of not having a single post from my blog disturbs me. I had to give it time. There are several things that I want to share, and these ideas need to go out of my mind. Thus, I am making another blog. But this time, I want to focus more on positivity (I hope), where others can get ideas from me, and vice versa.

I am based in Cagayan de Oro City, where Martial Law exists. Contrary to what you see in social media where it is perceived that Mindanao is chaotic, it is far from true. It is about time we spread FACTS, so stay away with FAKE NEWS and hear stories from people who actually live here. Yes, there may still be crimes happening around the city, but Cagayan de Oro is a place worth visiting, with many opportunities and sites worth checking out.

I want to share why I named my blog Rhealyzed. Originally, I wanted to name it as Rhea Writes but I found out it already exists. Rhealization is another consideration, but they already exist on Instagram. So, I run through some words that would associate with my name. That is how I came up with rhealyzed (it can be from Rhea analyzed) as this blog focuses on my realizations, and about my experiences.

I am a mother of a one-year-old girl. I have a  loving family. I wanted to be able to buy some things, that is why I venture into online freelancing.  I am taking a course so I can add more skills and be able to find more clients so I can still be able to provide and at the same time, not be away from my little girl.

How about you? How were you able to come up with your own blog? Can you still remember how you were able to compose your first post? Would you mind sharing the meaning of your blog name?

What do you think of my blogname?

Next assignment for myself: work on my theme.

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